Minar-e-Pakistan incident: We must change mindset of the youth, says Maryam

Minar-e-Pakistan incident: We must change mindset of the youth, says Maryam


Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice chairman and former eldest daughter Mariam Nawaz said after the Pakistan Tower incident on Wednesday that we, as parents, teachers and leaders, should change the mindset of young people .

The PML-N vice president took to the twitter to condemn the incident and said, “Heart-wrenching scenes at Minar-e-Pakistan warrant collective introspection. We as parents, teachers & leaders need to reflect upon the upbringing of our youngsters to make public spaces safe for women”.

She demanded that “the people who participated in this heinous act should be brought to justice, so as to create a deterrent for the future.”

It is worth mentioning that the terrible incident of attacking female TikToker in the Great Iqbal Park of Lahore on Independence Day was exposed through social media three days later.

The mob assaulted the TikTok female star and her companion, but the police still didn’t know about it.

The complainant filed a lawsuit with the police, claiming that she and six of her companions were filming a video in Minar-e-Pakistan, Pakistan, when hundreds of people attacked them.

She also claimed that people pushed and pulled her to the point that her clothes were torn.

The FIR had been registered under sections 354 A (assault or use of criminal force against woman and stripping her of her clothes), 382 (theft after preparation made for causing death, hurt or restraint in order to commit the theft), 147 (rioting) and 149 (unlawful assembly) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The complainant said that her companions and she tried hard to escape the mob, but the “crowd was huge and people were scaling the enclosure and coming towards us”.

She also said that some people tried to help her but the crowd was too large and kept tossing her up in the air. The girl said that her ring and earrings were “forcibly taken”, as was the mobile phone of one of her companions, his identity card, and some cash that he had on him.

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