Millions worldwide back in virus confinement, but hope on US vaccine

Millions worldwide back in virus confinement, but hope on US vaccine


Washington: On Tuesday, with the proliferation of new coronavirus cases, millions of people have fallen into a new blockade, but there are promising signs that an American company said it will soon begin the final phase of a possible COVID-19 vaccine Human trials.

Massachusetts-based Moderna will begin the trials later this month after promising early results.

In the face of new disease outbreaks, various countries and cities around the world have taken restrictive measures again, and the infection rate in India continues to soar.

The country with a population of 1.3 billion has been relaxing the blockade to mitigate economic impacts, especially on the large number of poor Indians who have lost their jobs.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, nearly 24,000 Indian deaths have now been recorded, and many experts said the severity of the situation was unsatisfactory.

Bangalore, with a population of more than 13 million, has become a new global hot spot.

Enterprises in the city’s lifeline IT department (which can handle the back office operations of dozens of global companies) can continue to operate, but only half of the employees can work within the company.

Except for emergencies, transportation is prohibited, and only shops that sell basic items are allowed.

“I do not want to take chances… I am stocking up for two weeks,” said Mangala, a housewife, as she joined a long queue to buy provisions.

In the United States, the news that the vaccine may be progressing was published in the results published in the first phase of the Moderna vaccine trial, which showed that the top 45 participants have developed antibodies against the virus.

Moderna is believed to be in the lead in the search for a vaccine against coronavirus, which has infected 13.2 million people and killed 570,000 people.

The final phase of the trial is planned for October 2022, and the researchers expect preliminary results before this.

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