Microsoft offers to step in if rival Google quits Australia

Microsoft offers to step in if rival Google quits Australia


Sydney: US technology giant Microsoft offered Wednesday to fill the void if rival Google follows through on a threat to turn off its search engine in Australia over government plans to make it pay for news content.

Microsoft president Brad Smith said in a statement that the company “fully supports” the proposed legislation that will force Google and Facebook to compensate the media for using its news.

If the rules that have now become parliament become law in their current form, then both Facebook and Google threaten to block key services in Australia.

But Smith said that the proposal “reasonably attempts to resolve the imbalance in bargaining power between digital platforms and Australian news companies” and “represents a move towards a fairer playing field and a fairer environment for consumers, businesses and society. The basic steps of the digital ecosystem.”

Smith said that Microsoft is ready to improve its Bing search engine, which is currently a small fish compared to Google’s global leading products, and welcomes Australian commercial advertisers to use the platform “without any transfer fees.”

Smith acknowledged that Bing is in a disadvantaged position. He said that Microsoft will “further invest to ensure that Bing is comparable to our competitors. We remind people that Bing will help in every search to better find what you want.” thing”.

Smith said he and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had discussed the proposal with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week, and he would treat the proposal as An important driving force for its government to confront Google and Facebook.

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