MET Office ends heatwave alert for Karachi

MET Office ends heatwave alert for Karachi


The  Meteorological Office on Wednesday took back its notification regarding the heatwave in the metropolis due to the prevalence of sea breeze in Karachi.

According to the MET office, the metropolis is scheduled to witness the heat wave from May 18 to 22 due to the suspension of sea breezes.

The MET office added that the city ’s temperature depends on the city ’s breeze.

Welding temperature is expected to appear in the city this week, and the temperature of mercury will rise to 40 ° C, and a heat wave is expected.

According to chief meteorological officer Sardar Sarfraz, the sea and winds have been suspended and a slight heat wave may sweep the city and its suburbs in the next two days.

“The latest meteorological data analysis indicates no significant change in surface wind flow over Karachi so far, so no heatwave condition was observed on Monday,” Sarfraz said, according to The News. “However, over the next two days, Karachiites may experience heatwave conditions with maximum temperature in the 40-42°C range.”

Sarfaraz added on Monday that Karachi ’s mercury exposure temperature reached 38 ° C, although the MET office predicts that the city will experience a moderate heat wave from May 17.

He added that since there is no change in wind direction in the city, the temperature is kept below 40 ° C, but because the humidity is high, it reaches 62%, so the temperature is very high.

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