Messha Ali Zafar case: Court orders to complete cross-examination on Iffat's statement

Messha Ali Zafar case: Court orders to complete cross-examination on Iffat’s statement


LAHORE: The Sessions Court has ordered the lawyers of actor Ali Zafar to complete the cross-examination on the statement of Meesha Shafi s witness actress Iffat Umar. Actress Iffat Umar said in her statement that actress Meesha Shafi was believed to have been harassed.

According to details, Additional Sessions Judge Imtiaz Ahmed heard the case on the defamation suit of actor-singer Ali Zafar. Meesha Shafi s witness, actress Iffat Umar, appeared for cross-examination.

When questioned by Ali Zafar s lawyer during cross-examination, Iffat Omar said that before Meesha Shafi s tweet, his mother Saba Hameed had told her about the harassment. I believed the incident because I had heard 2 incidents of Ali Zafar before.

Actress Iffat Umar said in response to a question that Meesha Shafi was happy in front of everyone but was very upset in front of her.

The lawyer asked her if she was mentally healthy, and Iffat Umar replied that she was mentally healthy but took medicine for depression.

Actress Iffat Umar told the media that the case has been registered, but the truth will be announced soon.

The court instructed Ali Zafar’s lawyers to complete the cross-examination of Iffat Umar’s statement in the next hearing and postpone the hearing to January 6.

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