Major Laraib killing: two ‘Afghan’ suspects arrested


ISLAMABAD: In relation to the murder case of Major Laraib, who was killed last month upon resistance during robbery, police sources informed on Thursday they arrested two suspects of Afghan nationality.

According to police sources, the two Afghan suspects were previously involved in robberies and mugging incidents.

Saleemullah and Baitullah are the two suspects involved in the murder case, said sources.

At the time of the incident, Major Laraib was chatting with friends in the park and the robbers demanded valuables.

Sources said that when Major Laraib resisted, the thief kicked his face twice and then shot him.

Police sources said that at the time of the incident it was suspected that Baitullah had placed weapons near the temple of the deceased.

After the murder on Thursday, Laraib’s brother, Flt Lt Mohammad Zohaib, submitted the first intelligence report to Karachi police station. According to him, Laraib came to Islamabad to perform the duties of his department. When an unknown attacker shot him, he met a woman on the trail at 10:10 a.m.

The DIG Operation Police in Islamabad have formed two investigation teams to investigate the incident and submit the findings.

A private director, A-9, a witness living in the G-9/1 department, was previously arrested by the police.

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