LHC bars media coverage of protests on Mall Road


LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday released interim written order in case pertaining to protests and sit-ins at The Mall.

LHC judge Justice Jawad while issuing 12-page written order summoned draft legislation regarding declaring red zone in the provincial capital on November 25.

The court while ordering Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to impose a ban on the coverage of protests and sit-ins at The Mall, ordered to inform all the television channels.

The LHC also ordered the protesting employees of Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) to end their sit-in.

The court also ordered the district administration to take strict action against protesting PLRA workers despite court orders. The court further ordered to cancel the contract of those PLRA employee protesting after court orders.

Government employees staging protest and sit-in is a clear violation of law, constitution and court orders.

Later, several irked traders having businesses on The Mall attacked Punjab Land Record Authority workers picketing the road at Chairing Cross for over 12 days in protest in favour of their demands.

Several Mall Road Traders Association members attacked the protesting PLRA workers with batons, some pelted the protesters with corncobs and other trash dumped on the roadside.

The confrontation was preceded by an argument between protesters and traders who had asked the protesters to end their blockade. Police contingents soon reached the scene but could not immediately restore order.

The agitating traders dispersed the protesting PLRA workers and cleared the road for traffic.

“These protesters are destroying our business as the road is blocked every other day,” said trader Naeem Mir. He said protests on The Mall were now illegal and that traders would not accept pickets and sit-ins any longer.

On the other hand, the protesting PLRA workers said that staging peaceful protest is their constitutional right.

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