Latin America virus cases top 1m as UK, Russia ease lockdowns

Latin America virus cases top 1m as UK, Russia ease lockdowns


Brasilia: The number of confirmed Latin American coronavirus cases has surged to more than one million, while the hard-hit Britain and Russia eased the blockade on Monday, although their outbreaks were not fully controlled.

Even if the number of cases exceeds 6.1 million and the virus deaths exceed 371,000, governments around the world are still taking measures to relax restrictions that undermine the economy.

Brazil currently has more than 500,000 known infections and is currently the world ’s second largest infection, but its anti-blockade president Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) once again ignored social alienation proposals on Sunday.

When the crowd chanted “Myth! Myth! Myth!”, The far-right leader did not wear a mask and met a crowd of supporters in the capital Brasilia. -Responding to his dismissal of the virus threat.

Bolsonaro has been firmly opposed to using the blockade as a tool to contain coronaviruses, saying that the blockade is unnecessary and harmful to the economy, but he was strongly criticized by worried national authorities and angry citizens.

Despite his skepticism, the virus is still raging in Brazil and other parts of South America. The situation in Chile, Bolivia and Peru is also deteriorating.

Although South America and parts of Africa and Asia have only just begun to feel the full power of the epidemic, European countries that have been hit hard have begun to carefully relax the blockade when seeking to restore some form of normality.

But experts warn that taking action too quickly may cause disaster, and there is no vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19.

In the UK, the school is scheduled to reopen part of the week, and some senior government advisers have warned that things are happening too quickly.

Jeremy Farrar, a member of the government ’s emergency scientific advisory group, tweeted: “COVID-19 is spreading too fast to lift the blockade in England.”

Infected Russia has been infected in recent weeks. Although the number of cases is still high, it is also preparing to reopen large shopping centers and parks in Moscow.

After the Moscow people stayed at home for a few weeks, they gladly accepted the opportunity, but many people laughed at the “experiment” of Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, in order to come based on their address Regulate people’s walking and sports.

The famous comedian Maxim Galkin even published a sketch about President Vladimir Putin and President Sobyanin discussing the “breath schedule” for the capital residents.

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