Lakers' Davis returns to Hometown for All-Star Game 1

Lakers’ Davis returns to Hometown for All-Star Game


Chicago: Anthony Davis knows fluently. From his early days in his native Chicago to becoming an NBA star, he has been simplifying the appearance of basketball for years.

When it comes to his apparently simple life transition with the Los Angeles Lakers, Davis doesn’t sound like a big deal. What he did was smooth after all.

“(Of course). I think the team’s chemistry is very good.” Davis said for the 6-foot-10 forward special seventh All-Star game.

“We were able to do something important in the first half and it only gets better.”

Davis worked with LeBron James to give Los Angeles one of the best 1-2 punches in the league, giving the Lakers a 41-12 record in the Western Conference during the break. Davis had an average of 26.6 points and 9.2 rebounds per game, set a team high record and shot almost 52%. In his first seven seasons with New Orleans, the play-offs alone were a big problem for Davis. Now everything has to do with seeds and champion ambitions.

Although Davis is a nightmare nightmare in the offensive end, he may be more valuable to Los Angeles in the defensive end. The Lakers had an average of 107.3 points per game and shot 44.6 percent, 113.5 points and a 45.2 percent improvement over the defensive average of the previous season.

“We put (Davis) on point guards. We put him on centers. We put him on wings. And obviously he does a great job with his natural matchup at power forward,” Vogel said.

“So he definitely allows us to do a lot more than an ordinary player at that position would do, and his ability to guard multiple positions alone makes him the Defensive Player of the Year in my book.”

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