Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train to resume service under SOPs

Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train to resume service under SOPs


Lahore: The Punjab Provincial Metro Administration (PMTA) announced on Monday that the operation of Lahore’s Orange Line Metro trains will resume from Tuesday.

According to detailed information, the Lahore Metro train has been allowed to resume normal operation from tomorrow, subject to strict compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOP) related to the coronavirus.

The train will start normal service at 6:00 AM on Tuesday.

According to General Motors’ Punjab Public Transport Authority (PMTA), unless otherwise notified, trains will not stop at Bandar Road and Sara Uddin MRT stations.

It should be mentioned here that due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Orange Line, Metro and Speedo bus services were suspended on March 29.

On Monday, police fined 1,83,000 drivers for not wearing masks in Lahore.

According to detailed information, 1,28,000 motorcyclists, 24,000 rickshaw drivers and more than 12,000 car drivers were found in Lahore who violated COVID-related standard operating procedures (SOP) and were served by traffic supervisors.

The Pakistani Army’s troops are patrolling Lahore roads along with police and district officials to ensure the implementation of COVID standard operating procedures (SOP).

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