Lahore’s first coronavirus case confirmed


Punjab health minister said on Sunday that Punjab had confirmed a coronavirus case in Lahore, the first case in the province with the virus.

According to health minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, a 54-year-old man arrived in Lahore from the UK on March 10 and was infected with a viral illness.

The provincial health minister, Dr. Yasmin, Dunya told News that the patient’s family members had tested negative. She urged people to take precautions and said “the only way to fight the coronavirus is to take precautions.”

Primary and secondary health spokesmen said that all people who came into contact with the patients were tested negative, but according to the SOP, authorities separated them at home.

A government helpline “116” has also been established to address coronavirus issues. If she or someone they know has symptoms of the virus, or if they have recently been in a country affected by the disease, they should be urged to report to the hotline.

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