Kpop ‘BTS’ debuts ‘BE’ album track ‘Life Goes On’

Kpop ‘BTS’ debuts ‘BE’ album track ‘Life Goes On’


South Korean boy band BTS officially released their first album BE (Deluxe Edition) music video, ARMY fans are already crazy about the new song.

No more a day into its release and the video for Life Goes On has already amassed over 102,000,000+ views.

The video features a warmer vibe this around. With no crazy colored props to distract from the video, the boys truly showcased the extent of their friendship through what appears to be a Covid-19 inspired world view.

In it, the boys are seen reminiscing upon their shared moments together, in the car and at campsites thorough old home movies.

However, towards the end, the whole theme became more monochromatic. The boys jumped onto an empty stage, where they were seen singing together, all wearing sparkly white suits.

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