KP govt to soon announce relief package: CM 1

KP govt to soon announce relief package: CM


Mehmood Khan, chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, said on Wednesday that after the corona virus pandemic, the province will soon announce an aid package for the province.

While visiting Khyber Regional Headquarters Hospital, he said to the media, “We can defeat the coronal pandemic together,” adding that the coronavirus can be defeated with the participation of the public, government, and military.

In an effort to seek public support to overcome the coronavirus, CM said that all public safety precautions have been taken and that these precautions will only bear fruit if people work together and maintain their own quarantine.

Mehmood Khan said the government is working to form a team of volunteers to stop the coronavirus outbreak.

He said the government appoints up to 2,000 doctors under the contract, adding that 1,300 doctors have been appointed and approvals from more than 600 doctors have been approved through the Public Service Commission.

KP government spokesman Ajmal Wazir told the media that there were no local reports of corona cases in Dihan and that all patients infected with the corona virus were in Zaireen isolation center in other parts of the country.

He further stated that new cases were reported in the Mardan strip area and that the affected areas were isolated.

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