Kashmir students protest against IOK blockade in Hyderabad 1

Kashmir students protest against IOK blockade in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: Hundreds of Kashmir students gathered outside the University of Hyderabad in India to protest the government action and continue to block the occupied Kashmir.

Chamu and members of the Kashmir Student Association (JKSA) documented the protests with the help of poetry and revolutionary slogans during the sit-in. JKSA President Hadif Nisar said the protests related to much injustice released to Kashmirs by successive Indian governments.

He said, “The only difference is that the Congress was doing it quietly while the BJP is very open about it.” He highlighted the continued internet ban in Kashmir and said that people elsewhere in India can’t imagine life without internet even for five days. JKSA member Aakriti Suresh, a Kashmiri Pandit (KP) student, highlighted the problems faced by her community. She said the role the government had played in communalising the Kashmir issue cannot be ignored.

“The way successive governments have pitched KPs against Kashmiri Muslims really exposes the grand conspiracy they have hatched in turning and then keeping forever Kashmir into a war zone. They were never interested in bringing a political solution to Kashmir on to the table.”

JKSA Secretary General Arman Kazmi said that the most important issue to discuss is whether India is really a democracy. He asked: “How can disappearances, torture, massacres and democratic ideas coexist”.

JKSA member Maryam B. emphasized the problems that students in her community face as a result of an internet ban.

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