Karachi police arrest alleged Daesh terrorist

Karachi police arrest alleged Daesh terrorist


Karachi: The police of the special investigation team arrested a suspected Daesh terrorist in a joint operation late Friday and obtained intelligence from the Federal Intelligence Agency.

SIU stated that during the operation, he recovered weapons and other materials from the suspect.

Police said the alleged Daesh terrorist has been identified as Sikandar Khan, and he also admitted his interaction with Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Taliban before 2019.

SIU said that in 2013, the suspect was arrested in several cases including terrorist incidents.

The unit stated that the suspect was transferred to Mardan Prison and he was released after serving his sentence in the prison.

The SIU said that during the investigation, the terrorists also admitted to participating in extortion activities in the past year, adding that Sikanda Khan also issued a threat of extortion to Dr. Siraj in the jurisdiction of the PIB police station.

The suspect refused to pay the sum and fired a bomb at the doctor’s clinic.

The suspect was registered at the police station based on terrorism and other charges.

SIU said in similar incidents that the accused terrorists also demanded extortion money from a citizen of Halangi, who was booked on similar charges at the relevant police station.

SIU said it was conducting a search and arrest to arrest other associates of the suspect, and added that it was conducting a forensic investigation of weapons collected from terrorists.

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