Karachi Plane crash: Airbus A320's voice data recorder recovered from crash site

Karachi Plane crash: Airbus A320’s voice data recorder recovered from crash site


Karachi: In a major development of the Karachi plane crash investigation, the voice data recorder of the unfortunate plane has been recovered from the crash site. The voice date recorder and black box will be handed over to the Airbus team for further investigation.

These two key devices will be very useful in determining the cause of the accident. The air traffic controller on duty when the plane crashed has also been investigated by the investigation team.

The source said that when the aircraft enters the field, the air traffic controller should send a signal in accordance with international aviation laws. Moreover, in all cases, the process of unlocking the landing device must be completed. After a failed landing, the captain should inform the air traffic controller that the engine crashed into the runway and whether the landing gear was deployed. The responsibility of the air traffic controller is to ensure that the landing gear is used properly before giving permission to take off and land.

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