Karachi lockdown: exams postponed, takeaways banned

Karachi lockdown: exams postponed, takeaways banned


The Sindh provincial government has decided to ban takeaways from restaurants across Karachi during the 10-day city blockade that began on July 31. International and alma mater examinations have also been postponed.

At a press conference on Friday, Sindh Province CM Murad Ali Shah called on the people to help the government successfully implement the blockade. “If you support us and follow standard operating procedures, we will be able to resume activities from August 9.”

The following are the restrictions that will now be implemented:

Small public transportation will remain open to facilitate people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.
Large transportation will be subject to some restrictions.
Grocery stores, butcher shops and dairy shops will be open until 6pm.
Pharmacies and medical facilities will be open 24/7.
Cabinet meetings and parliamentary meetings will be moved online.
The office calls in the least staff.
The port remains open.
Utilities, food and pharmaceutical companies remain open.
The restaurant only allows take-out, not take-out.
Media personnel are allowed to move, but they must wear masks.
The Sindh provincial government has decided to implement a partial blockade across the province until August 8 (Sunday). The decision was made due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

CM Shah said that after the infection rate in Karachi jumped to more than 20%, health experts recommended lockdown measures. Most cases in Karachi belong to the highly spreadable delta variant. In the Eastern District, the positive rate was 33%.

We are studying a three-pronged approach to viruses:

SOP compliance, lock-in
Increase hospital facilities
Boost vaccination
The Chief Minister said that we have decided to start vaccinations at the mosque and Imam Vargas so that more and more people will be vaccinated, adding that the blockade will not cause any hindrance to the immunization process.

He said that we know that these restrictions will not make people happy, but we need to realize that this is the need of the times. “If you work with us, we will be back to normal from August 9.” CM Shah added that we have also communicated these decisions to the federal government and they have assured us that they will support us.

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