Sindh govt imposes section 144 across province

Karachi likely to face complete lockdown amid virus surge


Karachi: With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases mainly in Karachi, the authorities are considering implementing a complete lockdown to prevent the pandemic from spreading in the metropolis.

According to sources, Karachi has seen a worrying increase in Covid-19 cases due to a positive rate of over 30%.

Medical experts and the Sindh Ministry of Health have recommended the task force to implement a complete lockdown.

According to sources, it may recommend a complete lockdown of the city for 15 days.

The final decision on the lockdown will be made at the provincial coronavirus task force meeting on Friday.

Health officials say that between 70 and 80 patients in Karachi are transferred to ventilators every day, and that this number is increasing, a total lockdown of the city can be implemented.

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