K-Electric CEO secures protective bail in death from electrocution case

K-Electric CEO secures protective bail in death from electrocution case


K-Electric CEO Moonis Alvi and another senior official of the power company were granted protective bail from the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday in two cases related to deaths due to electrocution.

The head of KE and Amir Zia, the power distribution supervisor, sought pre-arrest bail from SHC in the arrest of the power supplier’s management.

The court granted 7 days bail for secured bonds worth 50,000 rupees in each case and directed them to cooperate with the authorities to investigate.

On Tuesday, a young man filed a lawsuit against the chief executive of K-Electric after he died of electrocution in the city’s high-end defense phase 7 area.

In the case filed by the National Defense Police, four people were appointed.

FIR was brought up by the boy’s uncle. The boy’s uncle told the police that the 22-year-old boy was being interviewed by Mansela in Karachi. It includes a murder clause.

The uncle of the deceased claimed that he went for a walk with the boy because they found that the electric power company’s substation had no fixed doors.

“Faizan went inside and got electrocuted,” he said, adding that after the incident took place, KE accused his nephew of theft.

The power utility, while expressing grief over the incident, said that the youngster had entered the substation without permission.

“K-Electric continues to run awareness campaigns in order to inform people to stay away from power installations,” the spokesperson said.

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