Judiciary is ensuring the protection of women’s rights: CJP Kosa


LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa said on Sunday that courts have been functioning from the last 50 years for provision of justice to women in the society.

The Supreme Court spoke on the third day of the Women’s Judges Conference in Lahore and said that every citizen, including minorities, has equal rights in the Constitution.

He said the judiciary effectively protects women’s rights. He added: “The role of women in our society is crucial and increasing.”

CJ added that more than 300 female judges have worked in district courts. He said that a female judge would soon be appointed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. “We must make women independent in other parts of society.”

He emphasized that female judges should work in a relaxed environment and not behave like harsh judges. “Judges must remain steadfast and relaxed.”

“A female judge is respected not because of her strict judgments but because of her behaviour […] courtroom’s environment depends upon your behaviour that doesn’t require unnecessary strictness.”

“Judges are entitled to dispense justice, and if they don’t, there isn’t any difference between you and a common man.”

CJP Khosa remarked: “Female judges should free themselves from mental stress and discharge their duties in a convenient environment.”

He said female judges should avoid using intense words and phrases while delivering verdicts.

The top judge said: “With the passage of time, the distinction between a male and female judge will vanish.”

He said judges should dispense justice to the masses with honesty and should decide maximum number of cases on a daily basis.

“The Almighty loves whosoever does justice, so always be fair in the court […] those dispensing justice shouldn’t be afraid of anything,” he stated.

“Women are needed to be empowered in every field.” “I hope to get invited [in the event] as a retired judge,” he concluded.

“Bar and bench two wheels of justice”

CJP Khosa previously said that Bar and Bench are the two wheels of justice, and effective coordination between the two is crucial for spreading justice to the masses.

He said during a farewell dinner in Bahawalpur that people trust the court, so “this is our highest responsibility to ensure justice.”

CJP emphasizes the need to maintain law and order for national development.

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