Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 Million for two 'Joker' sequels

Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 Million for two ‘Joker’ sequels


According to sources, a report in The Mirror stated that versatile actor Joaquin Phoenix was awarded a $50 million deal to reproduce his work in The Joker in 2019. (Joker) A role in the two sequels.

Phoenix has won numerous awards for its role in the film, and is now negotiating to return to two other films.

The source said that the deal is still under negotiation, but the script is being prepared, and Joaquin is very involved in the project.

It said that WB was “shocked” by the film’s success last year. They plan to produce two sequels in the next four years, one in 2022 and the other in 2024, and will make long-term commitments to Joaquin and his clown director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper.

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