Jackson Browne tests positive for coronavirus, goes under quarantine 1

Jackson Browne tests positive for coronavirus, goes under quarantine


Jackson Browne, a candidate for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, tested positive for coronavirus and is currently recovering at his Los Angeles home.

The musician was suspicious that something was not right when he started feeling ill in recent weeks. “As soon as I had a small cough and a temperature, I tested [for COVID-19] .”

The 71-year-old musician reportedly said, “My symptoms are really very mild, so I don’t need any medication and of course I don’t need to be hospitalized or anything.”

Jackson isn’t sure where he got it, but he suspects he recently came to New York for the annual “Love Rocks NYC Benefits” event, which also includes Cindy Lauper, Dave Matthews, Warren Haynes, Sue Shan Tedski and Derek Truck . Source.

“So many people that have it aren’t going to be tested,” he said. “They don’t have symptoms, but they might have it and might be able to pass it on. That’s what younger readers need to understand: They need to take part in the global response to stop the spread. That means not going anywhere, not getting into contact with anybody, not seeing anybody.”

Browne spoke with Rolling Stone about the pandemic, how he’s handling his time in quarantine, and what advice he has for others who aren’t taking it seriously.

“The prognosis for what to do once you test positive is pretty much the same as if you don’t test positive, which is to stay put. And stay self-quarantined. Don’t expose anybody. Don’t go anywhere. I quarantined immediately upon feeling sick. It was before the mandatory quarantine orders were issued, because you don’t know if you had it or not,” he said. 

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