Italy tops 30,000 coronavirus deaths, new cases edge down

Italy tops 30,000 coronavirus deaths, new cases edge down


Rome: On Friday, Italy became the third country in the world to record 30,000 deaths from coronavirus, reporting 243 new deaths, compared with 274 daily statistics the day before.

Since the outbreak on February 21, the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Italy is now 30,201, the Civil Defense Agency said. Only the United States and the United Kingdom have seen an increase in the number of deaths from the virus.

The number of new infections per day decreased slightly from 1,401 on Thursday to 1,327. The total number of confirmed cases since the epidemic was 217,185, second only to the United States and Spain, and the third highest in the world.

The number of people currently registered as having this disease in Italy has dropped from 89,624 the previous day to 87,961.

There were 1168 people in the intensive care unit on Friday, and 1311 people on Thursday. This is a long-term downward trend. Of the initially infected people, 99,023 were declared recoverable, compared with 96,276 a day ago.

The agency said that out of a population of about 60 million, 1.609 million people were tested for the virus, compared with 1.564 million people the day before.

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