Israeli plane carrying US delegation to arrive in UAE today

Israeli plane carrying US delegation to arrive in UAE today


According to sources, an Israeli passenger plane carrying delegations from the country and the United States will arrive in the UAE for the first time and fly over Saudi Arabia’s airspace.

Israel’s flag carrier Al Al will bring assistants to U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and traveling journalists. Go to Abu Dhabi for talks with a view to final contacts on an agreement to establish an open relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Asked if the plane would fly over Saudi Arabia in order to manage its planned three hour and 20 minute flight time, the source, who declined to be identified by name or nationality pending an official announcement of the route, said: “Yes.” 

The four countries and El Al declined to comment on this route.

The US-brokered deal between the UAE and Israel has raised speculation that other US-backed Gulf Arab countries might follow. A senior member of the Saudi royal family said this month that Riyadh would only normalize ties with Israel after the creation of a Palestinian state. 

In 2018, Natanyahu made an unexpected visit to Oman nervously, indicating that his plane will have to fly over Saudi Arabia. He and his assistant refused to provide any details of the route.

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