Israeli parliament nominates Netanyahu to form new government

Israeli parliament nominates Netanyahu to form new government


Jerusalem: Despite the imminent trial of corruption charges in the parliament, the Israeli parliament officially nominated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday to form a new coalition government, bringing him closer to his fifth term after more than a year of political impasse .

A joint parliamentary statement said that after the parliament passed legislation to approve the details of the power-sharing agreement between the Prime Minister ’s right-wing Likud party and the centrist rival Benny Gantz ’s blue and white party, 72 out of 120 parliamentarians signed Candidates for Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s nomination has been submitted to President Leuven Rivlin.

Netanyahu and Ganz, who have been deadlocked in three uncertain elections since April 2019, plan to take the oath of office on Wednesday. Their agreement will make Netanyahu prime minister for 18 months, after which Gantz takes over.

Gantz had previously been reluctant to cooperate with Netanyahu, who was accused of corruption. He changed course last month, saying that a united government is needed to prevent the economic losses caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The Israeli Supreme Court dismissed the challenges of opposition figures and regulators on Wednesday and ruled that Netanyahu could form a government. Even if he faced prosecutions for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, their joint agreement cleared legal obstacles.

Netanyahu, 70, has denied any wrongdoing and his trial will begin on May 24.

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