Israeli govt plans to force Palestinian families out of Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli govt plans to force Palestinian families out of Sheikh Jarrah


The Israeli government plans to force Palestinian families to flee their homes near Sheikh Jarrah.

According to Turkish media “Anadolu” report, in the aftermath of the 1948 expulsion of Palestinians by Zionist gangs to pave the way for the creation of the state of Israel, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee their homes in historical Palestine to neighboring countries.

Following these events, which came to be known to the Palestinians as “Nakba”, or the Catastrophe, 28 families settled in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem in 1956, hoping that would be the last time they are forced out of their homes.

But these families have increased to 38 since then, and they say they are experiencing the updated Nakba every day.

The Israeli Central Court in East Jerusalem approved a decision earlier this year to expel four Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in favor of right-wing Israeli settlers.

Amid fierce demonstrations and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli settlers, the Israeli Supreme Court was originally scheduled to issue an expulsion order on Thursday, but the decision was postponed to May 10.

If the court decides in favor of the settlers, Palestinian families will lose their homes. Other families will face a similar fate.

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