Israeli army hits Hamas 'terrorist target' after projectile attack 1

Israeli army hits Hamas ‘terrorist target’ after projectile attack


Jerusalem: Israeli militants reportedly attacked Hamas positions from the air on Monday morning after militants in the Palestinian enclave fired projectiles at the Jewish state.

A statement from the Israeli army stated that “planes and fighter jets have focused on many Hamas terrorist targets in the southern Gaza Strip.”

No casualties or damage have been reported in Gaza.

On Sunday evening, a projectile was launched from Gaza, southern Israel, in which air raid warnings were discharged and thousands of people were transported to bunkers.

A spokesperson for the regional commission in Shaar Hanegev, northeast of Gaza, said the projectile had apparently hit a clearing.

Palestinian attacks have increased since US President Donald Trump expressed his vision to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on January 28. This plan was fiercely opposed by Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

This will enable Israel to achieve some of its long-standing goals, including full control over the disputed Jerusalem and a green light for the annexation of all settlements and other parts of the West Bank.

In exchange, the Palestinians get one state in the West Bank and the rest of Gaza.

Since the plan was announced, Palestinians in Gaza have fired rockets, mortars and balloons filled with explosives almost every day from a Hamas-controlled enclave.

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