Israel, UAE open direct phone service after peace accord

Israel, UAE open direct phone service after peace accord


Dubai: UAE officials said that the foreign ministers of Israel and the UAE opened a direct telephone service between the two countries during the first call on Sunday after the two countries announced an agreement to normalize relations between the two countries.

The UAE’s Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Nanayan and Israel’s Gabi Ashkenazi “opened telephone contact between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel, After signing the historic “Peace Agreement”, greetings were exchanged.” Al-Otaiba, Director of Strategic Communications, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Soon after, Ashkenazi tweeted that the two “co-decided to establish a direct communication channel before signing a standardization agreement between the two countries, and … meet soon.”

The public telephone link between the two countries is also working.

The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced by US President Donald Trump on Thursday is only the third such agreement between Israel and an Arab country and raises the prospects for similar agreements with other pro-West Gulf countries.

Trump said that the leaders of the two countries will sign the agreement at the White House in about three weeks.

Israel promised to suspend its annexation of West Bank territories in accordance with the agreement. This concession was welcomed by Europe and some pro-West Arab governments to encourage people’s hope for peace.

However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that Israel has not given up its plan to one day annex Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley and the occupied West Bank.

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