Facebook rejects Biden Covid misinformation criticism

Ireland rejects Facebook bid to block regulatory data probe


Dublin: The High Court of Ireland rejected Facebook’s proposal to block an investigation that may prevent data transfer from the European Union to the United States.

“I refuse all of the reliefs sought by (Facebook Ireland) and dismiss the claims made by it in the proceedings,” read a statement from High Court judge David Barniville, dismissing its challenge against the Data Protection Commissioner’s decision to hold a probe.

Facebook’s European headquarters is the Irish capital, Dublin, and the DPC acts as the firm’s lead regulator in the EU.

When Agence France-Presse met with the US technology giants on Friday’s news, it did not immediately comment on the matter.

After a European Union Supreme Court ruling on Facebook invalidated key online data arrangements between Europe and the United States, the Irish regulator launched an investigation last summer.

“The DPC decided to commence an ‘own volition’ inquiry … to consider whether the actions of Facebook Ireland Ltd in making transfers of personal data relating to individuals in the European Union/European Economic Area are lawful, and whether any corrective power should be exercised by the DPC in that regard,” the court statement noted.

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