Iraqis "dancing" on the street after the death of Solemani: Pompeo 1

Iraqis “dancing” on the street after the death of Solemani: Pompeo


WASHINGTON: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a video on Twitter on Thursday stating that after the Iraqi murder of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani by the Iraqis it was “Dancing on the street.”

“Iraqis-Iraqis dance on the street for freedom; Pompeo wrote that dozens of others were running along a road, waving with images that seemed to be the Iraqi flag and other banners.

The Pentagon said President Donald Trump ordered the killing of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard died Friday in a “decisive defensive operation to protect US overseas personnel.”

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“General Solemani is actively developing plans to attack US diplomats and service personnel in Iraq and the entire region,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

“General Soleimani and his Quds forces are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and Allied members and the injuries of thousands.”

Pompeo did not provide the source of the video and did not provide details of where the photo was taken.

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