Iran's Supreme Leader reappears in public, hits out at US

Iran’s Supreme Leader reappears in public, hits out at US


Dubai: Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei used his first public appearance on Wednesday to imply in a few weeks that the United States will continue to hostile the Islamic Republic after President-elect Biden takes office.

Since the rumors surfaced in early December, Khamenei said in his first public speech that Washington cannot be trusted, indicating that he is cautious about President Donald Trump’s successor.

On the occasion of a meeting of commemoration organizers to commemorate the first anniversary of the killing of military commander Sosmani in the US attack on Iraq, Khamenei said that with the end of the Trump administration, US confrontation will not disappear.

Khamenei said in a speech on national television: “My firm advice is not to trust the enemy.”

“The hostility towards Iran does not only come from Trump’s America. It is speculated that some people will say that he will end when he leaves, because (President Obama) Obama’s America has also done bad things to the Iranian nation.”

Biden was Obama’s vice president. Earlier, President Hassan Rouhani said he was happy with Trump’s resignation, calling him the “most lawless US president” and “murder” to prevent Iran from using the Covid-19 vaccine.

Rohanani said in his televised speech to Biden: “We are not happy with the arrival of Mr. Biden, but we are happy with Trump’s departure. Cabinet.

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