Iranian lawmaker announces $3 million reward for "whoever kills Trump" 1

Iranian lawmaker announces $3 million reward for “whoever kills Trump”


An Iranian lawmaker has apparently placed a $ 3 million reward on President Trump’s Head.

Reuters quoted ISNA as saying that Ahmad Hamzeh made the statement while addressing parliament in Tehran on Tuesday, although it is unclear whether Iran’s top leader provides any support.

Citing Hamze: “On behalf of the people of Kerman, we will reward $ 3 million in cash to those who killed Trump.”

President Trump speaks Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. (Associated press)

Kerman City, General Qassem Soleimani’s home, was killed on January 3 in an air raid in the United States.

Fox News has submitted a comment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hamze also spoke in his speech about Iran’s nuclear program and stated that “if we have nuclear weapons today, we will be protected against threats.”

ISNA quoted him as saying: “We must place on our agenda the production of long-range missiles that can carry unconventional warheads.” “This is of course our right.”

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