Iranian factory makes U.S. and Israeli flags to burn 1

Iranian factory makes U.S. and Israeli flags to burn


KHOMEIN, Iran: Business is booming at Iran’s largest flag factory which makes U.S., British and Israeli flags for Iranian protesters to burn.

In a factory in the city of Khomein, southwest of the capital, Tehran, young men and women print the national flag by hand and then hang them up to dry. The factory produced around 2,000 American and Israeli flags per month during the busiest period, and more than 1.5 million square feet of flags per year.

On January 3, Iran’s senior military commander, Qassem Soleimani, was killed in an American drone attack in Baghdad, which led Iran to take revenge on a rocket attack on Iraqi bases, and tensions between the United States and Iran reached dozens. highest level in years. Later.

During meetings and protests sponsored by the Iranian government, protesters often burn the flags of Israel, the United States and Great Britain.

Ghasem Ghanjani, owner of the Diba Parcham flag factory, said: “We have no problems with the American and British people. We have questions about their governors. Our president has problems and their policies are wrong.”

“The people of the United States and Israel know that we have no problem with them. If people burn the flags of these countries at different rallies, it is only to show their protest.”

Rezaei, a quality control manager who refused to be named, said: “Compared to timid actions in the United States (such as the murder of General Solemani), (the burning of an American flag) is trivial to them. This is the least that can to be done “

For hardliners, anti-American sentiment has been at the core of Iran’s Islamic revolution, and Iran’s civil rulers continue to condemn the United States as great satan.

In November last year, however, many Iranians took to the streets to protest against the country’s highest authorities and shouted “Our enemy is not the United States, our enemy is here”.

During this month’s protests, the younger Tehran protesters refused to step on the streets on the American flag because Tehran had recently admitted shooting a passenger plane.

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