Iran warns US against disrupting oil shipments to Venezuela

Iran warns US against disrupting oil shipments to Venezuela


Tehran: The Iranian Foreign Minister warned the United States on Sunday not to deploy a navy in the Caribbean to disrupt Iran ’s fuel transportation to Venezuela.

In a letter to UN Secretary General Anton Guterres, Mohammad Javad Zarif warned, “The United States intervened to ship naval fuel to Venezuela and caused In the event of interference, this is the US movement to deploy its navy to the Caribbean. “

He said that according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, any such action is “illegal and piracy.”

Zarif added that the United States will be responsible for “the consequences of any illegal measures.”

Iranian Fars News claimed on Saturday that it had received news that four US Navy warships were “possibly confronting Iranian tankers” in the Caribbean.

Elliot Abrams, the Venezuelan special envoy of the State Council, claimed that Caracas paid gold to Iran to restore the troubled oil sector.

The United States has imposed unilateral sanctions aimed at ending oil exports from Iran and Venezuela, two major crude oil producers.

Deputy Prime Minister Zarif summoned the Swiss ambassador representing Washington ’s interests in Tehran to convey Iran ’s “serious warning”.

Abbas Araghchi said that any potential threat to Iranian tankers will receive a “rapid and decisive response.”

Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, but analysts say the industry has insufficient capacity.

The country ’s economy is in a state of collapse and thousands of people have fled because of a lack of basic commodities.

After US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement in 2018, Iran was also hit by new US sanctions.

Maduro has withstood the US-led effort to demobilize him for more than a year and has retained the support of the army.

Iran has repeatedly expressed support for the Maduro opposition leader Juan Guaido. Due to reports that Maduro was re-elected in 2018, the organization was recognized as an interim president by about 60 countries.

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