Iran says launched military satellite into orbit, US tensions simmer

Iran says launched military satellite into orbit, US tensions simmer


Tehran: Iran said that it put its first military satellite into orbit on Wednesday, making it an emerging “world power.” US President Donald Temp has issued new threats in the face of increased naval tensions in the Gulf region.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps broke the news that it was launching its own satellite, praising it as a milestone in the country’s space program.

“Today, we are looking at the Earth from the sky, and it is the beginning of the formation of a world power,” the Guards  commander Hossein Salami said, quoted by Fars news agency.

The United States claims that Iran ’s satellite program is a cover for its missile development, including one that may carry a nuclear warhead one day.

Iran insisted that it had no intention to purchase nuclear weapons, and stated that its aerospace activities were peaceful and consistent with the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Tension between the enemy escalated again last week, and the United States accused Iran of harassing its ships in the Gulf region.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Wednesday that he “instructed the US Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harassed our ships at sea.”

The Revolutionary Guards website Sepahnews said that a satellite called Nour (meaning “light” in Persian) was launched from the Markazi desert, which is located on the central plateau of Iran.

Sepahnews said the satellite “operates on Earth at an altitude of 425 kilometers (264 miles).”

Iran ’s regional rival Israel says it “strongly condemns” what it calls Iran ’s “attempt” to launch military satellites.

It urged continued international sanctions against Iran ’s so-called “outer wall” because it continued to develop advanced missiles, including missiles that could launch nuclear warheads.

John Bolton, a former national security adviser to Trump ’s hawks, said the launch “proved that we still did not put enough pressure on Iran”.

“Iran s goal remains ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) capable of carrying nuclear weapons. They cannot be trusted,” he tweeted.

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