Iran nuclear deal talks to 'speed up': Tehran

Iran nuclear deal talks to ‘speed up’: Tehran


Vienna: Tehran stated that the parties to the Iran nuclear agreement decided on Tuesday to “speed up” the talks in Vienna to restore the destroyed agreement.

Since the beginning of this month, the remaining partners in the 2015 agreement have been negotiating to try to get the United States to rejoin.

Delegates from Britain, China, France, Germany, Iran and Russia met for less than two hours to kick off the third round of EU-chaired negotiations in a Vienna luxury hotel, according to diplomats.

“During the meeting the participants decided to speed up the process of talks,” Iran s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Iran has refused to negotiate with the US directly, but US delegates are staying in an adjacent hotel and are being regularly updated by EU negotiator Enrique Mora s team in a round of shuttle diplomacy.

“Back in Vienna for the JCPOA Joint Commission, experts discussions and separate contacts with US in this third week of talks to advance on our objectives: US rejoining the JCPOA and full implementation of the deal,” Mora wrote on Twitter, using the acronym of the agreement s formal name.

The 2015 agreement was designed to ease Iran’s sanctions in exchange for actions to reduce its nuclear program, but the deal was cancelled in 2018 when it was rejected by then-U.S. President Donald Trump.

In retaliation for the U.S. sanctions, Iran has begun to strengthen its nuclear activities since 2019.

Tehran insists that once it is determined that the sanctions can be lifted, it is willing to resume its nuclear commitments. US President Biden also said that he is ready to resume the agreement.

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