Iran floods leave 21 dead 1

Iran floods leave 21 dead


Tehran: Flooding in Iran caused by heavy rainfall has left 21 people dead and one missing, an emergency services spokesman said Wednesday, even as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Mojtaba Khaledi told Iran’s ISNA News Agency that 22 people have also been injured, most of them in the southern or central provinces.

He said 11 people were killed in Fars province, 3 in Hormuzgan and 3 in Qom, 2 in Sistan and Andochistan provinces and 1 in Bushehr and Khuzestan.

Khalidi said Hormozgan was still missing from the Gulf Coast.

The floods flooded 12 people last week, and Khaledi warned that heavy rain would fall.

Iran combats the deadliest coronavirus outbreak in the world, killing 3036 and 47593 infections.

Heavy rains and floods flooded at least 76 people in Iran in March and April last year.

At the time, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies estimated an estimated 10 million people and described the floods as “the biggest disaster to hit Iran in 15 years.”

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