Iran calls for perpetrators of anti-US attacks in Iraq to be identified

Iran calls for perpetrators of anti-US attacks in Iraq to be identified


Tehran: Iran asked Baghdad on Saturday to “identify the perpetrators” to launch rocket attacks on the US embassy and other Western targets in Iraq, saying that they were launching to disrupt Iran-Iran relations.

On Monday, a row of rockets aimed at the high-security green zone of the Iraqi capital where the US and other foreign embassies are located.

The attack was the third in a week to target Western diplomatic, military or commercial installations across Iraq after four months of relative calm.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said,

“We underline the need for the Iraqi government to identify the perpetrators of these incidents,” Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said after talks in Tehran with his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein.

“Recent attacks and incidents… could be designed to disrupt Iranian-Iraqi relations and destabilise” Baghdad, Zarif said in a statement.

The meeting comes after Washington retaliated for the attacks by launching overnight Thursday an air strike on facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran-backed militias near the border with Iraq.

The Pentagon confirmed President Joe Biden had authorised the strikes “in response to recent attacks against American and coalition personnel in Iraq”.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday the administration wanted to make it “very, very clear — notably to Iran– that they cannot act with impunity against our people, our partners, our interests.”

The statement said that Zarif “condemned the dangerous actions taken by the United States to attack Iraqi forces in the border area between Iraq and Syria”, calling the air strikes “illegal” and an “infringement of sovereignty” by the two countries.

Iraq has experienced decades of war and rebellion, and has always been a strategic battlefield for the enemies of the United States and Iran, while the two allies in Baghdad still have serious differences over Iran’s nuclear program.

The US strike was the first military action against such an organization since Biden took office five weeks ago, and tensions in Iran’s nuclear program have increased after the president opened the door to resume negotiations with Tehran to save the 2015 nuclear agreement.

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