Interior ministry approves Rangers' deployment for July 25 AJK polls

Interior ministry approves Rangers’ deployment for July 25 AJK polls


The Ministry of the Interior approved the AJK Election Committee’s request for the deployment of Rangers for the July 25th Legislative Assembly vote.

A press release issued by the ministry stated that the Chief Election Commissioner of AJK requested in a letter to deploy rangers to ensure safety.

The ministry stated that the letter had been forwarded to Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Minister of the Interior, who approved the deployment of paramilitary forces.

The notice said: “The Rangers will provide security for the AJK Legislative Assembly elections on July 25, and will provide personnel to the AJK government at their request.”

AJK Legislative Assembly Poll is scheduled to be held on July 25

The regional election commission announced earlier this month that Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s 11th general election will be held on July 25.

According to the timetable announced by the Chief Election Commissioner’s retired Judge Abdul Rashid Sulehria, candidates will submit their nomination documents to the Returning Officer on or before June 6 until 4 pm. The review will be conducted in the morning of the next day. The list of candidates who are validly nominated will be announced on the same day.

The final date for appealing to the Election Committee on the acceptance or rejection of the nomination documents by the Returning Officer has been set before 2 pm on June 27. The appeal hearing will be held from June 28 to 29. The decision will be announced on June 30. Day and July 1.

The Chief Election Commissioner said that July 2 has been set as the final date for candidates to withdraw their nomination documents, and the list of candidates will be announced on July 3.

The election flags of political parties and candidates will be distributed before 2 pm on July 4, the final list of candidates with election flags will be announced on the same day, and voting will be conducted from 8 am to 5 pm on July 25 .

The Chief Election Commissioner also announced a code of conduct for campaigning parties and candidates, allowing them to hold only one large public gathering in each electoral district. Huge banners, placards and posters have been banned.

He said that the election expenses limit for each candidate has been set at 5 million rupees, and candidates will submit details of the expenses to the election commissioner. He said that the election commissioner has the right to take action on expenses exceeding the fixed limit.

Sulehria said that with the announcement of the timetable, the government has banned all types of appointments, transfers and releases, announcements and implementation of new development plans.

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