Inhuman lockdown enters 106th straight day in IOK 1

Inhuman lockdown enters 106th straight day in IOK


Srinagar (Web Desk): In occupied Kashmir, the inhuman lockdown imposed by India in the Kashmir valley and parts of Jammu region entered 106th straight day, today, reported Kashmir Media Service.

Though some restrictions have been eased in most parts of the territory yet the situation is still far from normal especially in the Kashmir Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh regions where people are seething with anger over New Delhi’s anti-Kashmir moves. Total ban on internet, SMS and prepaid cellular networks as well as restrictions under Section 144 remain enforced. Onset of winter has also added to the Kashmiris’ woes.

People in the valley are far from educational institutions and offices and continue to silence the unilateral actions of India. The shopkeepers put down the curtains after a few hours of shops in the morning to participate in the protests. However, the weekly flea market in Srinagar remains open all week.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of India has asked Silicon Valley cable companies to ban channels from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Malaysia. On Sunday, senior officials and operators from the Vikram Sakhay Ministry adopted these instructions at a long meeting in Srinagar. According to reports, cable operators had to block the channels of these hostile Muslim countries.

A report quoted officials who said that Silicon Valley government services can only get internet services with the rider: department heads are responsible for abuse. It added that this was part of an obligation to oblige field staff to obey the police and request that the office’s internet facilities be restored to perform departmental work. This deployment has been prepared by the police.

According to a report, IOK administrators will transfer all 34 political prisoners who lived at the Centaur Hotel in Srinagar on Sunday to MLA Hostel in the city on Sunday because the facility has insufficient heating.

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