India's Prime Minister Modi shuts Weibo account after app ban

India’s Prime Minister Modi shuts Weibo account after app ban


Hong Kong: China’s response to Twitter Sina Weibo stated that at the request of the Indian embassy, ​​the account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been deleted as tensions between the two countries continue to clashed on the border Spread.

Since posting his first post on Sina Weibo during his visit to China in 2015, Modi has rarely used Chinese social media platforms. Before closing his account, he had more than 200,000 followers and 100 posts.

Sina Weibo announced the closure of the account later on Wednesday, and after a border conflict between the two countries, a few days after India banned dozens of Chinese apps including Sina Weibo and ByteDance’s TikTok, Sina Weibo is closed.

The Indian embassy in Beijing did not immediately respond to a request for comment via email.

Modi, who has a Weibo account, is one of the few foreign leaders. Other countries include Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

It is worth noting that Modi disclosed his birthday to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang, and wished them “Happy Birthday” on Weibo. In China, discussions about the private lives of senior leaders are extremely rare, and the exact date of birth of most people is not publicly disclosed.

In contrast, Chinese leaders are rarely active on social media. Foreign social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.

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