India passes 300,000 Covid-19 deaths

India’s daily Covid death toll hits new record as shortages bite


New Delhi: India’s daily coronavirus death toll passed a new record Saturday as the government battled to get oxygen supplies to hospitals overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of new daily cases.

A team of Covid-19 patients and their feared relatives gathered outside hospitals in major cities in India. This is the hot spot of the new world pandemic. At present, nearly one million new cases have been reported in three days.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, another 2,624 deaths have been reported within 24 hours. This is a new daily record, bringing the official death toll close to 190,000.

More than 340,000 new cases have also been reported, bringing the total number of India to 16.5 million, second only to the United States.

But many experts predict that the current wave will last at least three weeks to reach its peak, and the actual number of deaths and cases will be much higher.

The central government has continued to criticize its lack of preparation before the infection wave. The central government has organized a special train to provide oxygen to the worst-hit cities.

It also forced industrialists to increase the production of oxygen and other life-saving drugs that were in short supply.

One ‘oxygen express’ carrying 30,000 litres for hospitals arrived in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh state at dawn on Saturday, where armed guards were waiting to escort trucks to hospitals.

Lucknow has been one of the worst hit cities, with hospitals and crematoriums inundated with patients and bodies, and officials said the liquid oxygen would only be enough for half a day’s needs.

The Indian air force is also being used to transport oxygen tankers and other supplies around the country.

In New Delhi, the city’s government said it would begin setting up buffer stocks of oxygen to speed supplies to hospitals when they are within hours of running out.

Many patients are dying outside hospitals in the capital because of the lack of beds and oxygen.

A charity set up an overflowing crematorium in the parking lot and built temporary funeral mounds to cope with the increasing death toll.

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