India's arms expansion serious threat to regional stability, peace: FO

India’s arms expansion serious threat to regional stability, peace: FO


Islamabad: India’s large-scale arms procurement and expansion of nuclear forces, including the introduction of new destabilizing weapon systems, are developments that have a serious impact on peace and stability in South Asia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this was in response to an inquiry regarding the signing of the US-India Basic Geographic Information Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA).

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan has been emphasizing the threat to South Asia’s strategic stability by providing India with advanced military hardware, technology and knowledge.

India’s recent unprecedented missile test is another manifestation of India’s dangerous accumulation of conventional and nuclear weapons.

The statement said that this once again confirmed the concerns expressed by some international experts about the military spin-offs of high-tech trade with India, which not only eroded international norms, but also had a negative impact on the strategic stability of South Asia. These developments clearly negate the argument that India’s mainstreaming of international export control systems will promote the non-proliferation goals of these systems.

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