Indian special forces member killed in China border showdown

Indian special forces member killed in China border showdown


New Delhi: A Tibetan soldier and Indian special forces confronted the Chinese army at the disputed Himalayan border in a recent confrontation, a Tibetan representative said Tuesday.

The death is the first report of two incidents in the border area within 48 hours. Just two months after the war resulted in the death of at least 20 Indian soldiers, it has increased tensions between major powers.

India and China, which fought a border war in 1962, accused each other of trying to cross the unofficial border of Ladakh in order to gain territory again on Saturday night and then on Monday.

Neither party announced any casualties, but Naghghalal Dolkar Lhagyari, a member of the Tibetan Parliament in exile, told AFP that the Tibetan soldier was “wounded in the conflict” on Saturday night. .

She said that another member of the Special Border Guard reportedly included many Tibetans who opposed China’s claim that they were injured in the operation.

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