Indian Muslims affected by riots slams government for inaction 1

Indian Muslims affected by riots slams government for inaction


New Delhi: Since Tuesday, Sadaqat has been working on collecting the remains of the brother of his shooting victim from a hospital in New Delhi.

The 26-year-old man, who arrived in the Indian capital a few weeks ago to work, said on Wednesday that he was afraid to seek help from the police who worked to curb violence against the new civil law, which has dozens of people killed. Most of them are Muslims.

“The hospital is refusing to hand over my brother’s dead body even after 24 hours,” he told Arab News. “No one is there to help me. I am scared to reach out to police also. I am so scared that I don’t want to go to my house for fear of violence. Yesterday, I took refuge at my relative’s house in another part of Delhi.”

Sadaqat claimed that his brother Mubarak returned to a rental house in the Maujpur area northeast of Delhi when Hindus killed him.

On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for calm. According to media reports, although unofficial deaths have exceeded more than three dozen, violent clashes in the city have claimed 27 lives since Sunday night. Fear is said to have swept the areas of Mauibul, Mustafabad, Jaffrabad and Shif Vihar.

“I am planning to leave for Jaipur and stay there until the situation becomes normal. I have never seen this kind of violence in my life,” said 30-year-old garment seller Sharukh.

“My neighbor’s son was injured in the violence, but he is scared to go to the police and report it. He also doesn’t want to go to hospital. We have lost our trust,” he added.

Problems arose when Hindu gangs attacked Muslims and protested in Jafrabad against the Citizenship Act, which provides rapid naturalization for some religious minorities born abroad, but not Muslims. As the conflict spread, several mosques were damaged and many Muslim shops and houses were burned.

Since the approval of the Citizenship Change Act in December last year, India has been suffering from violence. This legislation is seen by many as anti-Muslim and raises concerns that as the Indian government continues to implement its National Citizenship Register (NRC), many Muslim populations will be minors.

Delhi activist Nadeem Khan told Arab News: “Muslims now have a sense of helplessness. They don’t have the means to fight the government. They are already on the receiving end of the CAA and NRC, and this violence further limits communities to marginalized groups on their own. “

“Peace and harmony are the core of our minds,” Modi said in a Twitter message on Wednesday. “I call on the brothers and sisters of Delhi to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times.

“It is important that there is calm, and normalcy is restored at the earliest. Police and other agencies are working on the ground to ensure peace and normalcy.”

The Prime Minister’s statement came after the opposition Congress Party questioned the government’s silence on Delhi violence and asked Modi’s right hand, and Interior Minister Amit Shah resigned.

During a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday, Congress Chairman Sonia Gandhi said: “The central government, including the Home Secretary, has responsibilities. The Congress Party has demanded that it resign immediately.”

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar called it “unfortunate and reprehensible” in response to Gandhi’s statement and accused her of “politicizing violence.”

He said: “At such times all parties should ensure that peace is maintained, blaming the government instead is dirty politics.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Delhi Supreme Court called for legal action against those inciting violence and called for “prosecution against those who hate speech.”

Political analyst Prof. Apoorvanand, of the University of Delhi, told Arab News: “The BJP’s (Bharatiya Janata Party) hate campaign and the vilification of the Muslim protesters in the last few months has resulted in the violence.

“No one is willing to take Modi’s words for calm at face value. The violence was state-sponsored. The violence sent a message to Muslims that they are helpless, and the state cannot help you,” he added.

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