Indian cricketers face backlash for supporting Pakistan virus fund 1

Indian cricketers face backlash for supporting Pakistan virus fund


New Delhi: Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh support former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi in fighting the corona virus. Popularity has sparked a social media storm.

The two countries are fierce competitors, and this move hit India’s nerves.

Afridi called for donations to help people affected by the deadly virus in Pakistan, which received overwhelming support from major cricketers.

Harbhajan urged people to contribute to the video message and called on other cricketers in both countries to make similar calls.

“These are testing times, it s time to look out for each other,” Yuvraj wrote on Twitter in a call for funds.

While Afridi thanked the two, Indian Twitter users reacted with fury at the support for a rival player who has been a vocal critic of India s handling of the Kashmir dispute.

“Do you have any sense?” wrote one Twitter user. “Lost respect” for Harbhajan Singh, added another. “Sorry guys you lost it.”

India and Pakistan never took part in a bilateral cricket match between 2012 and 2013, and tensions in Kashmir, which have been at the center of two wars between neighboring countries since 1947, have reached new heights.

Kashmir has been divided since it gained independence 70 years ago. India often accuses Pakistan of organizing “terrorism” on one side of the border.

World Cup champion Batman Yuvraj paid off on cancer before finally retiring last year, and also raised money to fight the coronavirus through his YouWeCan Foundation.

India has been blocked for 21 days since March 24, and to date, India has confirmed 1,600 coronavirus cases and 38 deaths.

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