India reeling as 5000 more Chinese troops deployed on Ladakh, Sikkim borders

India reeling as 5000 more Chinese troops deployed on Ladakh, Sikkim borders


Beijing: Delhi is shocked by China ’s straightforward response to changing Ladakh ’s territorial status and the deployment of 5,000 more soldiers on the border between Ladakh and Sikkim.

As China sends another 5,000 soldiers to the disputed areas of Ladakh and Sikkim, the ongoing conflict between China and India has escalated. China has stated that India has tried to unilaterally change the status of the disputed territory.

The Indian army, which publicly suppressed the unarmed Kashmiris, suddenly became a deer trapped in the headlights. The pressure of the Chinese army on the border between Sikkim and Ladakh continues to increase, leaving the Modi government and its army no choice.

According to reports, in addition to increasing the number of Chinese troops at the border, the Chinese army is also constructing underground bunkers and found 800 Chinese army tents around the Garwan Valley.

China says that India is building illegal defense-related structures near the Garwan Valley. The Chinese army reportedly captured a group of Indian army personnel, but later released them.

China stated that India violated the control lines of Sikkim and Ladakh. More importantly, India tried to unilaterally change the position of the disputed area.

Pictures released by Indian media show that the Chinese army now occupies areas previously controlled by India. The latest tension began on May 5 when Indian and Chinese troops face each other on the eastern border of Ladakh.

At the same time, the border dispute between India and Nepal is also deteriorating, as the Nepalese Prime Minister issued a new map, which announced that Karapani, Limbiyadira and Liplekh were included as part of Nepal.

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