India plane crash: 18 dead and 123 injured after incident in Kerala

India plane crash: 18 dead and 123 injured after incident in Kerala


Authorities said more than a dozen people died after the plane with up to 200 people skidded off the runway and landed in heavy rain at an airport in southern India.

Police said at least 18 people were killed in Friday’s incident and 123 others were injured.

Senior Kerala police officer Abdul Karim (Abdul Karim) said that among the victims was a two-year-old Boeing 737-800 pilot who flew to Air India Express.

He said that at least 15 injured people are in critical condition and the rescue operation has ended.

NDTV news channel said the plane flew from Dubai to Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, in Kerala, the southernmost state of India.

Officials said that this was a repatriation flight that brought Indian citizens back to the country. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, regular commercial flights in India have been suspended.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep S. Puri said in a statement that the flight “overstepped the runway on a rainy day, dropped 35 feet (10.6 meters), entered a slope, and then split into two parts.”

Kozikode’s 2,850-meter track is located on a flat mountain top with deep canyons on both sides.

Minister Hadip Puri stated that the accident will be investigated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) expressed his thoughts “with the bereaved”, adding that the authorities were on the spot to provide assistance to those in need.

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