India legend Dhoni retires from international cricket

India legend Dhoni retires from international cricket


New Delhi: M.S. Dhoni retired from the Indian national team on Saturday, ending one of the most watched international cricket careers of all time.

The 39-year-old goalkeeper and batsman is India’s most successful captain, winning the World Cup, the first T20 World Cup and the Champions League.

Dubbed  Captain Cool  because of his unflappable style, Dhoni is also one of India s best loved sports personalities and his fans have been dreading this decision for months.

Dhoni posted a four minute seven second video of his career highlights on Instagram and added in a caption: “Thanks a lot for your love and support throughout. From 1929hrs consider me as retired.”

Dhoni did not say whether this meant all cricket but Chennai Super Kings chief executive Kasi Vishwanathan told AFP that Dhoni would still lead the team in the Indian Premier League starting in the United Arab Emirates next month.

Dhoni arrived in Chennai on Friday to train with the team before heading to Dubai next week. Dhoni’s Chennai teammate and World Cup winner Suresh Raina also announced his international retirement.

Since India played against New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final between England and New Zealand last year, Dhoni withdrew from Tests in 2014 and did not play for the national team-he was the 350th day of international competition.

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