India extends world's biggest virus lockdown to May 3 1

India extends world’s biggest virus lockdown to May 3


New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the world ’s largest blockade of India ’s national coronavirus will be extended until at least May 3.

At present, the blockade of this country of 1.3 billion people has been for three weeks and is scheduled to end at midnight on Tuesday.

“From the economic angle, we have paid a big price,” Modi said in a nationwide address. “But the lives of the people of India are far more valuable.”

Official data show that so far, South Asian countries have been relatively unaffected by the epidemic, with approximately 10,000 cases and 339 deaths in India.

But for some of the most crowded cities on the planet, there are concerns that numbers may surge and drown out the crumbling health care system.

Some experts also say that India has not conducted enough tests and the true number of infections is much higher.

Several states, including Tamil Nadu and Odisha, including Mumbai ’s hometown, Maharashtra, have the largest number of cases.

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